At Brow Farm Wheat Products we know our Heated Wheat Bag is one of the best on the market. All the wheat in our Wheat Bags is provided by So you know our wheat Bags and any of our wheat products only contain BRITISH WHEAT. When you use one of our wheat bags you've made a natural choice, a safe, reusable compress for HOT or COLD use, any where on your body. From a sprained ankle to period pains. We have also developed a Wheat Bag Range called the SPORTS RANGE to provide soothing relief from arthritic pain and sports injuries. These bags are made for certain areas of the body like the neck, joints, back, The Physio range all have removable washable outer covers. Only the finest natural materials are used to make our Wheat Bags, which are manufactured to the highest standards and presented in contemporary, fashionable packaging making this popular remedy an ideal gift as well. The Original Wheat Bag was designed and developed with the help of physiotherapists and is increasingly used in many hospitals throughout Britain. The Original Wheat Bag is now available to you via our Mail Order service as well through many independent pharmacies.
Sacks of Wheat Grains for sale, for use in Heated wheat bags, Growing Wheatgrass, Cooking or just feeding the birds. These sacks of wheat or barley grains are cleaned to remove any dust. The wheat or barley is packed in 20 kg bags. The sacks are ready for delivery to your door.
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